In-Game Events & Features

In-Game Events Giovanni Rocket Special Research – Start of each month No new Giovanni Special Research from May until the end of September Changes to Items, Features, and Bonuses (Effective Globally Until Further Notice, Unless Otherwise Specified) PokéStops and Gyms The distance from which you can interact with Gyms and PokéStops has been temporarily doubled. … Read more

Inviting Friends to Raid Battles

Note: This is a new feature; details related to this feature may change in the coming weeks or months. Trainers who join a Raid Battle in-person can invite up to 5 friends to the Raid Battle, regardless of their friends’ locations. However, invited Trainers can’t invite their own friends to the same lobby, and the … Read more

Mega Evolving

Unlike regular evolving, which is permanent, Mega Evolving temporarily transforms your Pokémon, changing their appearance, improving their performance in battle through a significant boost in stats, and offering other unique benefits. You can tell if a Pokémon is eligible for Mega Evolution if you see a “Mega Evolve” button and “Mega Energy” on their summary … Read more

Team GO Rocket Balloons

Team GO Rocket balloons float above Trainers and contain members of Team GO Rocket that you can challenge to a Trainer Battle. When you see a round shadow near your Trainer avatar in the Map View, zoom out and look around to find the hovering Team GO Rocket balloon. Team GO Rocket balloons only stay … Read more

Raid Guide

Pokemon Go has been around since the summer of 2016 and while raids weren’t available right away, they’ve been in the game for a while now so most players have experience partaking in the odd raid or two. If you haven’t done any Pokemon Go raids yet and you’re not even sure what they are, … Read more

Eevee evolutions: All Eevee nicknames and methods

We’re almost four years into the game and Pokemon Go Eevee is still one of the most popular Pokemon thanks to its multitude of evolution options. Whether you want to obtain a Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, or Leafeon (no Sylveon yet, unfortunately!) in Pokemon Go, we’ve got the guide for you. We’ve covered … Read more

Regional Map

There’s a number of Pokemon Go regionals in the game, which means it’s much tougher to complete the Pokedex than it otherwise would be. Regionals in Pokemon Go are Pokemon exclusive to certain regions in the world, whether that be specific countries, hemispheres, continents, or something else. The game doesn’t tell you what all of … Read more

Weather Chart

This page describes Pokemon GO weather and how it affects spawns and weather specific IVs in the game. It includes an overall Pokemon GO weather chart with affected spawns, increased stardust gain and several other useful tidbits of information. Fog, Wind, Rain and Snow weather can have levels and severity. Weather-influenced wild spawns can be … Read more

Promo Codes Guide

What Pokémon GO promo codes look like? It’s unclear at this moment, as the feature hasn’t been officially released yet. The equivalent codes for Ingress are fairly long and cryptic: xhtz7hny1777rffd. Almost guessed that one… ? How to get Pokémon GO promo codes? You can get promo codes by attending special events, participating in promotions … Read more

Item Drop Rates

A reddit researcher named Greenkappa1 tested more than 160 PokeStops to see if the item drop rates have changed significantly recently. As per his research, the average amount of Item dropped per Stop is the same (around 3.11), but the item chances have changed. Pokestop Item Rates Hello there! There are few posts in threads … Read more