Time for the gym

They’ve evolved over the years since launch but Pokemon Gyms are where you’ll test your Pokemon in battle against other trainer’s ‘mon. Now, while you’re not battling other players directly, it’s still an enjoyable face off. Gyms tend to be train stations or other big landmarks and you’ll see them proudly displaying Pokemon team colours. Yellow for Instinct, red for Valour, and blue for Mystic.

Each gym has a Pokestop at the top and up to six Pokemon inside. If you have arrived at a rival team’s gym, you can jump in and battle, or train if you are at a friendly gym. Gyms run on what’s called ‘Motivation.’ Every time you fight a Pokemon, its motivation drops. Drop the motivation of every Pokemon in the gym to 0 and you’ll win the gym. It might sound easy but it takes serious time to chip away at if you’re alone and the gym is full of powerful Pokemon.

To save things being unfair though, you can’t have more than one of each type of Pokemon so you won’t find 6 Tyranitar to make your way through. If you pass a friendly gym and there’s a spare slot, you can leave your Pokemon to fight for your team. Bear in mind though that they’ll be there for the duration. You do get paid though. For every 10 minutes held you’ll earn one coin, up to a maximum of 50 coins a day.

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